How to Integrate Razer Chroma with Vivaldi Web Browser

Razer makes many powerful gaming peripheral devices and many of them come with a feature called “Chroma”.  This feature adds colorful lights in these peripheral devices namely mice, keyboards, mouse pads/mats, headsets, and more. These “Chroma” lights are not just hardwired LED lights, their color and pattern can actually be changed using Razer software installed on your computer. We have covered Razer Synapse software before on this website – how Razer Synapse can be used to manage and control various features of Razer gaming hardware. This software can also change Chroma settings for supported Razer peripherals.

And if you are using Vivaldi web browser, then you can even integrate Razer Chroma with Vivaldi. By integrating Razer Chroma with Vivaldi, your Vivaldi browser will also change the color to the value as your Razer devices do. For example, when your Razer keyboard starts to change the color across the various keys, you will see the same color change in the Vivaldi window.

Here is how you can easily integrate Razer Chroma with Vivaldi browser:

  1. First of all attach your Razer peripherals to your PC and install all the device driver software. This process may require one or more reboots. You can also install Razer Synapse 3 software and view which of your Razer devices are being detected by the system and whether Chroma is available for them.
  2. Launch Vivaldi web browser, click on the big V icon, select Tools and then Settings from the menu.Vivaldi Razer Chroma Integration
  3. On the settings screen, select Themes category from the left side.
  4. Under the section Razer Chrome Theme Integration, choose for which of the Razer devices, you would want the Chroma be integrated with Vivaldi. I suggest that you pick only one of the Razer devices such as the keyboard.Vivaldi Razer Chroma Integration
  5. Enjoy Chroma powered theme in your Vivaldi web browser.

This feature is available in Vivaldi web browser version 2.5 and above. So make sure that you have the latest version of Vivaldi browser installed on your system.