ClipboardFusion : Advanced Clipboard Manager for Windows

Clipboard is an advanced clipboard management software for Windows that can be used to remove the text formatting, replace clipboard text or modify the text using a number of macros. Using Fusion account, you can also sync your clipboard content across a number of computers as well as mobile devices.

It is available as a portable software as well as an installer. In either case, it places an icon in the Windows desktop’s notification area. You can right-click on this icon to view the clipboard history, manage macros, and manage its other settings.

As soon as you copy some text to the clipboard using the normal Windows clipboard functions (the hotkey Ctrl+C, for example), you will see a small ClipboardFusion popup near the notification area. This is to show you what you copied and how it has been modified by ClipboardFusion.


ClipboardFusion is great when you are researching about a topic online and want to copy-paste text snippets into your documents. No matter what type of fonts and formatting you copy, ClipboardFusion will clear it all and make it available in form of plain-text. You can then use the normal paste functions to paste the text anywhere you want, for example, in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer.

But clearing of the formatting is not the only thing ClipboardFusion can do. You can add or customize macros in ClipboardFusion settings and set triggers for them. When you copy something with a specific word or phrase, it will trigger a specific macro and that macro can modify the clipboard contents. It is up to to the users, how they use these powerful macros.


If you want the copied text to be available on different computers, then ClipboardFusion can do it for you. For this you have to create a Fusion account and sign-in using this account. All the computers where you have installed ClipboardFusion and signed-in using the same Fusion account will have access to the same clipboard contents through syncing. For security, the clipboard data is encrypted using AES 256 before syncing.

ClipboardFusion is free for all the basic functions, but for syncing and advanced triggers you have to buy a license to the Pro version.

You can download ClipboardFusion from