Improve Battery Life in Android with Battery Saver App

When you are outside calling someone and suddenly battery drops to 5%, you start wishing that it would last for a few minutes more and let you finish the call. But the battery is very mean and does not listen to your prayers. You end up in the middle of nowhere with a phone that is as good as a stone lying on the ground.

If you want to make your phone’s battery last longer than you have to stop using some of the big battery charge wasters like Facebook and Instagram all the time. One way to do this is by using battery saver apps like the one that comes with cute Frank-Remark wallpapers. This app itself is titled “Battery Saver Frank-Remark” but has some of the very useful features built inside it.

Task Killer and Power Saving

The app offers you a very powerful task killer that can shutdown all the unnecessary processes running in your Android smartphone in the background. By closing down these processes, you can instantly improve the battery life by more than 50%. Of course the apps closed down by Battery Saver will start automatically on their own whenever you start to use them. For example, it closes the default launcher app (that displays the home screen) but as soon as you press the home button on your phone the app is started all over again.

Battery Saver Frank-Remark

Another feature of the “Battery Saver Frank-Remark” app is the battery saver widget that you can place anywhere on your phone’s homescreen. This widget displays the status of your battery and when you tap on this widget, it will take you to the main app screen. You can also add live wallpapers on your screen which are the cutest thing that you may have seen in a while.

You can get the “Battery Saver Frank-Remark” app for Android from