CheatKeys : Display Shortcut Keys List for Any Software in Windows

All the popular software like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Adobe Photoshop or GIMP offer a wealth of shortcut keys to be used with them. Through the use of these shortcut keys you can carry out certain tasks in seconds instead of taking the relatively longer route through a mouse. For example, if you want to insert a URL inside Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer, then you can use the Ctrl+K shortcut key and be done with inserting the URL in 2-3 seconds. The same task would have taken five times more time if you use your mouse to select the task from the toolbar and then insert the URL.

Using shortcut keys is specially useful when you have to do some repetitive tasks. This is why professionals are so adept in hotkeys and do everything so fast without ever touching the mouse. But with so many programs, we often get confused as to which shortcut key is available for which of the applications. Thanks to a helper tool called CheatKeys, now you can get a reference to the available shortcut keys for any software just by pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard.


After installing CheatKeys on your Windows PC, you can just press the Ctrl key a bit longer when the window for the application for which you want to know the list of the shortcut keys is in the foreground. It will display the full list of all the available shortcut keys for that application. Nothing can be easier than this. For example, if you are working with Microsoft Word and want to know about its shortcut keys, just hold Ctrl key on your keyboard for a couple of seconds and you will have the full list of shortcut keys in front of you on your screen.

CheatKeys does not support all the software that you might be using, but it does support all the popular ones like Microsoft Office, Blender, Slack, Total Commander, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Spotify and more. You can request them to add your favorite application to the list if it is not available yet.

You can download CheatKeys from