Perform Quick Privacy Check on Windows 10 with Spydish

After the fresh installation of Windows 10 on our PC, the first thing that we all do is to make changes to Windows settings and personalize it. This may include turning off some of the features that we don’t use or changing desktop background. While Windows itself allows you to make changes to many of these settings, some of the features are not easy to disable. For turning off some of these features, we need special tools like Spydish. It allows you to check your Windows computer’s privacy settings, make changes if desired and also gives you an option to debloat Windows.

Spydish is a very small application and it checks whether some of the privacy related policies in your Windows PC are enabled or not. You have to simply download and run this tool. For analysis of your system, you have to click on the Analyze button. It will display a big list of all the policies along with their status – configured or not configured.


These policies are displayed under categories and sub-categories so that you can quickly find the ones you are interested in. For example, policies related to disabling Windows 10 updates are found under the “Updates” category. Similarly, Microsoft Edge browser related settings are found under “Microsoft Edge” and so on.

If you want to enable a certain policy then you can select them from the left side and then click on Apply policies button. Some of these policies might require you to sign-out and then sign-in again for them to work. A safer approach is to apply the policies and then reboot your Windows PC. It can revert policies to their original status if you click on the Revert policies button.

Spydish contains over 50 privacy related policies that you can configure or analyze their status. Apart from the policies, you can also choose to remove the apps that come bundled with Windows 10.

You can download Spydish from