Manage Workspace on PC Screen Effectively with WindowSpace

Many of us have to work in front of computer screen all day long. Some of us have computers with multiple screens so that we can have larger workspace available for multiple applications. You can open dozens of applications and manage their windows on your multiple screens. Even though Windows 10 does offer many features to manage visible windows belonging to various software, you can manage them much more effectively using a third-party software called WindowSpace.

Using WindowSpace allows you to organize various open windows on your desktop in a very fast and efficient way. It has features like snapping, moving and resizing that can be used to arrange and resize windows easily. All the features are available through a number of hotkeys so that you do not even have to use your mouse.


It places an icon in the notification area that can be used to switch to its settings right away. In the settings, you can configure how all the features offered by WindowSpace work. Under the Snapping, you can enable snapping of windows that works when you are moving or resizing an window. When snapping is enabled, windows snap together or to the screen edges without leaving any gap.


Under the Moving and Resizing, you can enable snap-to-side feature which enabled maximizing or resizing of windows just by dragging them to any of the edges of your screen. You can define the action taken when you drag a window to top, bottom, right or left edge of your screen.


WindowSpace gives you access to all of its features through a large number of hotkeys which make your life very easy. These hotkeys can be used to move or resize a window by 10 pixels at a time, move a window to left or right side of your screen and more. You can even pin a window on top of another which helps you work with both of them without having to use “Alt-Tab” switcher.


WindowSpace can be a time saver if you have to work with multiple windows at your work frequently. By allowing you to organize the open visible windows, you can quickly find any window and make the most of your available screen space.

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