Quickly Check Twitch Channels with Twitch Now for Firefox

Twitch is where all the gamers hang out these days. Twitch enhances your online gaming experience by allowing you to interact with other games through voice and video streams. And even the people who are not playing the games, they can watch the gameplay, comment and interact with the gamers through Twitch. If you want to display your gaming prowess then perhaps you should also setup OBS and Twitch on your PC or configure Twitch settings on your gaming console like Xbox.

But if you busy working on your computer or just browsing through various sites and do not want to miss out on the live streams of your favorite gamers on Twitch, then you can use an extension called Twitch Now. This browser extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

Twitch Now

After installing this extension, you have to log in to your Twitch account and authorize Twitch Now to access your Twitch account data. Once this is done, you can simply click on the Twitch Now button and it will show you all the people that you follow you are now live. If any of the Twitch users goes live (starts live streaming), it will show a notification about who has gone live on Twitch.

Twitch Now

In the Twitch Now interface, you can search for users, view all the popular games, view top streams, and more. In its settings, you can filter the results based on the language used by the live streamers, change the default tab that is shown when you click on the Twitch Now icon in the toolbar, change the theme for the interface (dark or light) and also change how the streams are opened through Twitch Now – the regular way, in a pop-out, in a new tab with theater mode, and using HTML5 player.

Twitch Now

TwitchNow is a great way to stay informed about the streams as soon as they are started by your favorite Twitch users. Whether they are playing games or just chatting, you can instantly join them without missing any time.

You can get Twitch Now for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/twitch-now/.