Emulate Windows 98 Inside Your Web Browser

There is no better way to demonstrate the power of modern personal computers than to run older versions of Windows inside a web browser. The  operating systems that demanded expensive hardware of their time, can now be run inside any modern web browser. In this series, we have published about how you can run Windows 95 inside a web browser and Windows XP in a web browser. And now you can also run Windows 98 in your web browser.

In order to run Windows 98 in your web browser, you have to visit Windows 98 emulator site. It uses v86 which emulates an x86 CPU and hardware inside a web browser. In fact, Windows 98 emulator site is just a demo of v86 emulator. On the GitHub site of v86, you can find demos of other operating systems as well.

Windows 98 emulator site downloads some basic files in your browser before displaying Windows 98 desktop in the browser. On top of the Windows 98 desktop, you can find many options like pause, exit, send Ctrl+Alt+Del, send Alt+tab, save state, load state, memory dump, disable mouse, lock mouse, go full-screen, take screenshot and change the scale.

Windows 98 in Web Browser

Even when you switch to the full screen mode, it does not enlarge the Windows 98 desktop. You cannot directly use keyboard shortcuts like Alt+F4 in this emulator – using Alt+F4 will actually close the host browser window.

When we tested Windows 98 emulator in Firefox 78 on Windows 10, it seemed to run really awesome. You can access the Start menu, navigate through all the menus, launch Internet Explorer 4.0 (I think it supported only HTML 3.2), launch Notepad and more. On the desktop the developers have placed sheep.exe which can be run to create virtual sheep running all over your desktop. You can create as many sheep as you want just for having some fun.

You can try Windows 98 in your web browser by visiting https://copy.sh/v86/?profile=windows98.