Record and Run Tasks in Windows with Macro Toolworks Free

On a typical day at work, we have to repeat many of the mundane tasks. These repetitive tasks are usually very boring and can even make you feel frustrated about your work life. For example, how many times we have to type in the same set of code when developing software or editing some website feature, how many times we have to add watermarks to our images, how many times we end up replying with the same message, and so on. The solution of avoiding redundant and repetitive tasks is a macro recording application like Macro Toolworks which is freely available to Windows users.

Macro Toolworks is available in two versions – free and paid professional version. The free version lacks some of the advanced features but has all the necessary tools for recording and playing back macros. In its user interface, you can arrange and manage your macros under different categories making it easy for you to find the recorded macros later. From its window, you can choose to manually add macros related to clipboard manipulation, text replacement, a general macro that can send keystrokes or insert text etc.

Macro Toolworks

But the best way to add a new macro is by recording your actions. This recording feature in Macro Toolworks can be used to record your input actions (mouse, keyboard, or touch events) in the exact order and exact time between each of these events. Once a macro has been recorded, you can play it back using Macro Toolworks and it will automatically carry out all the tasks in the exact same order as you did. You can assign a hotkey to more frequently used macros.

Macro Toolworks also offers a wide range of triggers – certain conditions when a macro is auto-played. These triggers may include keyboard actions, mouse actions, text input, file creation, file modified, time or date, Windows service status change and many more.

Macro Toolworks is a free macro recording software for Windows. It can help you carry out repetitive or long monotonous tasks just at the press of a key.

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