Thilmera : System Monitor Software for Windows

If you want to know the current state of the system performance or the system resources then thilmera can do it for you. It is a small Windows tool that can be used to display how the system is utilizing your resources. It has a small floating window that can be dragged anywhere on your computer screen. This small window displays all the necessary information like CPU usage, GPU usage, memory usage, disk read/write, network download/upload, current date/time and more. All this information is continuously updated in real time.


As if the information displayed by thilmera is not enough, you can customize it through the settings and add even more information. From its settings, you can add information belonging to categories like date & time, memory, drive, network, CPU/GPU/MB, process, sound and detail. You can even change the appearance of the small thilmera window that floats on your desktop. You can change the font, background image, window size, and style of the window itself. Other things that you can do through its settings is that you can add hotkeys and define their actions. You can even modify the keymap and choose what is done when a specific key is pressed.


This small application puts a tiny icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. This icon changes to reflect how much of your system resources are being used. You can right-click on this icon to take screenshots of your screen, take screenshot of system status as displayed by the thilmera window, you can access a number of power options to shutdown, restart, log off, lock or standby the system. You can also view a brief report about your system’s performance.


It is a very small program, but thilmera can display all the details and information about your system right on your computer screen. By itself it does not consume any noticeable of the system resources. It also comes with a Japanese disk mirroring tool that can run in the background and make an exact copy of your local storage disk.

You can download thilmera from

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