StrokesPlus : Perform Actions in Windows with Mouse Gestures

When I had my first laptop years ago, I was excited to use the touchpad for the very first time not only because it is easier on your hands than the wired mouse but also because it came with gestures to carry out some common actions. For example, you could use three fingers vertical swipe to control the sound level, you could scroll up and down using two finger vertical swipe and so on.

While these gestures are very useful, we can add many more similar gestures to perform any user defined action or set of actions using a third-party software called StrokesPlus. This software has been around since the Windows XP times and continues to work with Windows 10.

StrokesPlus is both portable and can be installed on your system. In either case, it places a notification area icon from where you can toggle it on or off and can also open the settings window. The settings window has a very simple tabbed user interface. Under each tab you can find configured gestures and hotkeys related settings. From under the Configured Actions, you can add new gestures and edit them if needed.


For adding new gestures, you have to draw the gesture using your mouse or touchpad, add modifier keys, add actions and then click on the OK button. The gesture should be unique and its actions use a well known Lua script format that can be manually edited.

StrokesPlus is designed using native code and does not depend on any framework or runtimes. As such, it is very effective in resource management and does not consume any of your system resources even though it keeps running in the background. It supports all sorts of input devices like mouse, touchpad, or a drawing pen.

You can download StrokesPlus from