SuperRam : Manages System RAM for Better Performance

If you have a relatively older computer or a new computer with less than 4GB of RAM, then it may not be able to perform very well when you launch multiple programs at the same time. Even if you open many webpages in multiple tabs of a web browser such as Firefox, the memory uses rises so much that your computer may end up becoming unresponsive at times.

One way to address the memory related performance issues is to upgrade the RAM and add more memory modules to your computer. Many laptops allow you to upgrade the memory by providing an extra slot for RAM module. But since maximum allowable memory is limited by the motherboard, you should check for the laptop specifications before upgrading.

Another way to improve the system performance is by using a software like SuperRam. It is memory optimization software that runs in the background freeing up memory that is not being used by other processes. It frees up memory and makes it available to the programs that need it – giving you much more stable PC operation and improved performance. By itself, it does not consume much of the system resources.


SuperRAM is not like some other similar software that free up the memory at regular intervals without any concern for the programs being run in the foreground. SuperRAM can detect if you are running programs in fullscreen mode (like media players or games) and avoids freeing up the RAM at that time. Similarly, it avoids freeing up the RAM when the laptop is being run only on battery power.

SuperRam is a memory management software for Windows using which you can optimize the system RAM and improve the system performance. It is ideal for older computers that lack RAM modules for modern applications.

You can download SuperRam from