PopMenu : Simple Program Launcher for Windows

Even though Windows does provide a million ways to create shortcuts to frequently accessed programs, websites and documents, there is only so much space on the Windows desktop for all the shortcuts. And the Start menu is no longer the friendly menu that it once used to be in the era of Windows XP.

This is why many advanced users now prefer to use third-party app launchers or start menu alternatives. PopMenu is one of such program launchers that are much easier and simpler to use. PopMenu is a portable launcher and does not require any installation. It comes with another program called KeyTweak that is used to configure the hotkeys to launch PopMenu launcher.


After running PopMenu, you will notice a small icon in the notification area. You can right-click on this icon to open the settings for PopMenu. In its settings, you can edit the menu that PopMenu displays. You can add a menu item by specifying its icon, command, working directory, and position. You can easily create sub-menus in the menu. You can also export and import the menu to a file. In the settings, you can make it auto-start with Windows, and you can choose a hotkey for launching the menu which can also be launched by clicking on its notification area icon. The default hotkey for launching PopMenu is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ Num8.


PopMenu is perhaps the smallest and simplest program launcher available for Windows. You can add any link, shortcut, website, program, files, documents or other items in this program launcher. You can also customize the appearance and the order of the items that appear in the menu. It is ideal for your USB pendrive apps collection. The program can detect drive letter change and can launch the programs using their relative paths.

You can download PopMenu from http://freeware.persoft.ch/program_en.htm.