Boost Sound Quality in Windows with Boom3D

Boom3D is a sound playback quality enhancement application for Windows and macOS. If you are not happy with the sound output quality from your computer, you can try Boom3D which promises to give you much louder, clearer and crispier sound from the same set of headphones or speakers.

Boom3D install its own virtual sound drivers through which the sound playback is processed and enhanced. Through the Boom3D user interface you can toggle various effects, filters and equalizer presets. Boom3D keeps running in the background and enhances the sound quality without interfering in the normal activity of your computer. No matter which application or website you use for listening to music or watching movies, it can make them all sound better. As expected, it works with all types of sound output devices – internal speakers of laptop, external wired/wireless speakers, or your headsets.


After the installation, it takes you through a number of steps which calibrates your system for the best audio reproduction. The process lets you choose the output device type and the also gives you a basic introduction about using Boom3D.


Even though Boom3D can enhance the sound quality for any application like VLC Media Player, it also allows you to play music right from inside the Boom3D interface. You can drag-n-drop audio files on its window and it will start to play them. It makes finding the optimum settings very easy for you. You can choose various effects like 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Night Mode or Spatial. You can also modify settings for each of these effects individually.

There is an equalizer available with various presets like Windows, Games, 60s, Acoustics, or Bass Boost.  The equalizer is applied to the entire audio output of your computer, which means that not only music, but also games or movies or online videos are played with better sound output.


In our brief testing, we found that Boom3D does improve the sound reproduction on Windows slightly. But it is not a magic stick. The sound output quality still heavily depends on the computer hardware as well the quality of your headphones.

You can download a trial version of Boom3D from