Logitech Capture : Advanced Video Recording & Streaming Software

If you own one of the Logitech HD webcams then you are in luck as they also offer a fabulous video recording and streaming software to work along with these Logitech cameras – completely free of charge. This free software can be used to capture video streams from multiple sources. It can also be used as a video stream for other applications like OBS to livestream over Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and other livestreaming services.

Before you jump up and download Logitech Capture, you should know that it works only with a few select models of the Logitech webcams. At the time of writing this, Logitech Capture supports only – C920 HD PRO, C920s HD PRO, 1080P PRO STREAM, C922 PRO STREAM, C922X PRO STREAM, STREAMCAM, STREAMCAM PLUS, BRIO 4K PRO, and BRIO STREAM. All of these are manufactured by Logitech.

Logitech Capture

In the Logitech Capture interface you can choose two sources for video input – one of these can be your web cam, but you can choose any of the two sources from your webcam, your computer screen or a particular window. You can even connect two webcams to your PC and use them both as the input source. The two sources can be arranged in various arrangements like picture-in-picture and side-by-side.

There is an option to add watermark to your video stream but only “logi” watermark seems to be available. You can also change or remove the background from your video stream. You can insert text overlays, transition effects, borders, various filters, and adjust the color, contrast and brightness. You can change the resolution, frame size, FPS value,  video encoder, and the orientation of the video frame.

All the videos recorded are automatically saved in the default recording folder which can be changed from the Logitech Capture settings. It produces very high-quality videos in the MP4 file format that can be uploaded to any video sharing site like Youtube.

You can download Logitech Capture from https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/capture.


    1. So far there is no official support for Windows 11, but version 2.06.12 seems to work. I guess they will add support for Windows 11 in a few months.

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