clrmamepro : ROM Manager for MAME Games

Arcade game emulators like MAME have been very popular with both the older and newer generations. For the older generation they bring back some of the fond memories of their youth that they spent playing games in front of the arcade machines. And for the newer generation, they bring back excitement of playing some of the very old games that were once played by their grandparents.

But if you are using more than one gaming emulators then you may have problem managing ROMs related to various games. How would you know if you already have the same game in a different emulator? You can easily fix the problem by using a ROM manager like clrmamepro.


This ROM manager allows you to create various profiles and under each profile you can add a different arcade emulator. Various emulators like MAME, RAINE, MESS, PINMAME, and M1 are supported. You must have these emulators installed already. It can then contact with those emulators to get the data related to the games.

You can scan, rebuild and merge games from different profiles using clrmamepro. It can scan the ROMs and find out if they are suitable for a particular emulator. It can combine more than one ROMs into a single ROM or split them into multiple ROMs. You can add, move, delete or rename the ROM files from its user interface.


Conclusion: If you enjoy playing old arcade games on your Windows PC using emulators such as MAME or RAINE then you will can manage all of your games ROM collection using clrmamepro. This tool can extract the games from the respective emulators and can also launch the games using those emulators. Instead of managing your ROMs in different emulators separately, you can manage all the ROMs from a single place using clrmamepro.

You can download clrmamepro from