Play Old Aracde Games with RAINE Emulator

Everyone knows about the arcade emulator called MAME, but very few people know about RAINE. It is also an emulator for the old arcades games but focuses on M68000 and M68020 arcade games. You will find most of the games that can be played using RAINE were published by TAITO or JALECO game corporations. Because of this limitation, there are only a few games that can be played using RAINE.

Using RAINE is extremely easy. You have to download the Windows binary files and then DLL files ZIP packages. Then extract both the binary and DLL archives in the same folder. After this you can place the ZIP files of your game ROMs in the “roms” sub-folder.  Now you can launch raine.exe from there and it will display the usual RAINE user interface.


In the RAINE user interface, you can change the various settings like the sound, video and input options. You should go through the input settings before trying to play any game. This is because if you do not setup the input settings then the game controllers or keyboards won’t really work. You can set the default keyboard settings for any game easily and it works well.


You can choose a game from the list by selecting the “Change/Load ROM” option from the main menu. The emulator works really good and all the supported games play as expected. Because some of these games were created for the coin operated arcade machines of the 1980s and 1990s, some of the games ask you to insert a coin before you can begin playing them. Unfortunately, RAINE has no hotkey assigned to emulate a coin insertion action. You will have to find a ROM image that does not require a coin or one that has been modified to skip the coin insert event.

You can download RAINE arcade emulator from