CopyCD Creates Copies of CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs

For my cousin Heather’s wedding ceremony, we hired professional film services but they provided us with only four copies of the final video DVD set (each set containing 3 DVDs). Since all the relatives wanted a copy of the DVD set, I took on the responsibility of making DVD copies of the wedding ceremony. At first I tried the big names in the field of CD/DVD/BD burning software. But I wanted a faster solution and I found CopyCD which is much faster and straightforward software for making copies of existing optical discs.

CopyCD is a very useful tool for making copies of existing CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs in Windows. It is really useful when you have to make cloned copies of optical media in a very short time. You begin by placing the source disc in your DVD/BD writer drive. After this you can launch CopyCD and select the source disc. For destination, you can either choose a DVD/BD writer drive or save it in form of an ISO disc image file. In the former case, you have to place a blank DVD/BD disc in the target drive having the same or larger capacity as the source disc.


It will first read the data from the source and then burn it on the destination blank disc. When it has finished burning one disc, you can place another blank disc in the optical drive and it will create another copy. You can keep doing this as long as you want and for as many copies you want.

In addition to making unlimited number of copies of your optical discs, CopyCD is also ideal solution for making disc backups and save them in form of ISO disc image files. But it does not read any encrypted or protected discs.

You can download CopyCD from