TaskbarDock : Cool Effects for Windows 10 Taskbar

When you start any Windows PC, it takes you directly to Windows desktop from where you can proceed to launching programs or accessing your files. On Windows desktop, there is always a taskbar which is used to hold the running tasks and open windows. You can switch back and forth between windows and tasks through Windows taskbar. It is one of the most used element of Windows PC screen. It is a pity that Microsoft does not provide any interesting and cool looking effects for the taskbar.

For those people who want to make their Windows 10 taskbar look much more exciting, there is an open-source tool that can add some very cool effects to it. This program, TaskbarDock, is a portable Windows application that places itself in the notification area of the taskbar. Afterwards, you can right-click on its notification area icon and choose various options like – center the taskbar, center the taskbar relative, make the taskbar transparent, show tray area, show Start button or start with Windows.



To enjoy the complete range of the effects provided by TaskbarDock, you should hide the tray are and the Start button using TaskbarDock options. After this enable all the effects – center, transparent etc. Add a cool desktop background and you will have a super cute looking Windows 10 desktop screen.


We tried the latest version available at this moment (0.1.65) but it simply failed to run on our Windows 10 PC. We could not make it work after many attempts. Then we tried the older version (0.1.62) which ran without any problem and applies all the available effects seamlessly.

Even though TaskbarDock is a little bit unstable, it packs all the cool effects for Windows 10 taskbar. It can make Windows 10 taskbar transparent and bring all the taskbar icons in the center. Perhaps the future releases will be much more stable.

You can download TaskbarDock from https://github.com/vhanla/TaskbarDock.