Display Email Composer for All Messages in Thunderbird Inbox

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client that works on all the popular platforms like Windows, Linux or macOS. Just like Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, their email client Thunderbird also focuses on security and features. Thunderbird supports all the email service providers and takes only seconds when adding a new email address as it can automatically detect all the settings.

Another similarity between Firefox and Thunderbird is that both of these Mozilla software allow add-ons or extensions using which you can add or modify many more features. For example, you can make Thunderbird display the email program that was used to compose and send an email for any of the email messages in your inbox in the Thunderbird email client using an extension called “Display Mail User Agent T”. The last T in the title of the extension perhaps refers to the name of the developer Toshi.

The extension does not require restarting of the email client and starts to work right away. This makes using of this extension very convenient as you can turn it on or off easily without having to relaunch the Thunderbird email client. You can instantly see the email program that was used to compose or send the email messages. The information is displayed to the very right of all the actions for an email message next to “More” as displayed in the following screenshot.

Display Mail Program Used for Sending Email

In the settings of the “Display Mail User Agent T”, you can enable the displaying of an icon instead of the textual information. The icon may not be available for all of the email programs, so if it is not showing an image then you can turn off the icon setting as it is better to view text then a missing icon without any text.

You can download Display Mail User Agent T extension for Mozilla Thunderbird from https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/display-mail-user-agent-t/.