One-Click Translate Any Phrase with TransOver for Chrome

One of the things that I really love about Google’s Chrome web browser is that Google Translate is integrated very well inside it. As soon as you open a website in a language that is different than the default system language, it offers you to translate that webpage into your language. This is very convenient and you can read the entire website in your own language without any effort at all.

But this works only if the entire webpage is in a different language. What if you have a webpage with only a few phrases in some of the foreign languages? Some English authors like to embellish their articles with a bit of French or Spanish here and there. How do you translate these phrases inside such webpages or articles?

TransOver for Chrome

You can either copy-paste them over to Google Translate website or you can use a Chrome extension called TransOver. This extension makes it pretty easy to translate anything into your configured language. When you install it, the first thing you have to do is configure the default language into which all text must be translated and then method of asking for the translation. For the methods, you can choose either click on the word/phrase or hover your mouse cursor over that word.

TransOver for Chrome

Now whenever you click on a word, it will auto-detect the language of that word and display a cake notification with the translation along with the language from which it has been translated. We tried it with all the different languages Japanese, French, German, Spanish and it works flawlessly all the time. However, it is much better to translate the whole page using Chrome’s inbuilt Google based translation tool if the whole page is in a different language.

You can get the TransOver extension for Chrome browser from