Enable or Disable Windows 10 Hidden Features with Mach2

Using an open-source tool Mach2, we can enable or disable some of the hidden and new features in Windows 10. This tool analyzes the debug PDB files and finds out the features available in the latest Windows versions. Afterwards, you can use the same tool to enable or disable these features. Mach2 is designed only for advanced users for experimenting with new features. Since it can also display some features that are still being developed by Microsoft, enabling some of these features can break your Windows installation. Before using this tool, you should make a backup of your system using a software like Macrium Reflect.

Here is how you can use Mach2 to enable or disable some of the new and hidden Windows 10 features:

  1. Download latest release of Mach2 from https://github.com/riverar/mach2/releases and extract it to a folder. After extraction you should have mach2.exe and msdia140.dll files inside the folder.
  2. Download latest  features TXT file from https://github.com/riverar/mach2/tree/master/features. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find latest one. For example, at the moment of writing this the latest file is 20161.txt. Place this file in the same folder as mach2.exe (in step 1) and rename this file as features.txt.
  3. Inside the features.txt, you will find all the available features and their ID. For example, in this file there is a feature named AutoGameMode and next to it is the ID 11015710. If you want to enable this feature, you have to launch an elevated command prompt (Win+X and select Command Prompt (Admin)) and give command mach2 enable 11015710.Mach2 - Enable Hidden Windows 10 Features
  4. If later you want to disable that feature, you have to give the command mach2 disable <feature ID> where <feature ID> is the ID number for that feature found in features.txt.
  5. If you want to return a feature state to default state (neither enabled or disabled), then you can give the command mach2 revert <feature ID>.
  6. If you want to see which of the features have been disabled or enabled by mach2 tool then you can give the command mach2 display. Mach2 - Enable Hidden Windows 10 Features

Microsoft does not recommend using this tool because of the way it makes some internal system changes. It is only meant for advanced users who are willing to experiment with their system while knowing all the risks.