Ubisoft Games Giveaway : Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft is giving away Watch Dogs 2, an open world hacking simulation game this week. The game is all about hacking into an operating system created by the government. It is not only for the computer geeks, but it can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Being an open-world game, it should keep the gamers busy for hours. You can explore the San Francisco bay area in a futuristic world – use public transport, interact with people and hack into various devices.

The storyline of the game revolves around a now operating system called ctOS 2.0 which was created by the government. Through this operating system, the government keeps an eye on all the citizens and their activities. As a hacker, you are going to hack into this system and give the freedom back to the people.

Watch Dogs 2

The plot of the movie sounds like the Matrix trilogy but without any science fiction. During the game you meet and work with other hackers and group of hackers. You get to break into any system like drones, cameras, cranes, cars and more. You can start a chain of events by hacking enemies and manipulating their behavior. Only people who cannot be hacked are the ones without any connected device.

Ubisoft is going to release the Watch Dogs 3 in the October or November this year. Until then you can enjoy Watch Dogs 2 on your PC for free. However, this game runs only on computers with a decent GPU.

Watch Dogs 2 Giveaway

In order to claim your free copy of “Watch Dogs 2” you will have to visit Ubisoft website at https://register.ubisoft.com/ubisoft-forward-reward/en-US and register for Ubisoft Forward Claims. For this, you have to login to your Ubisoft account (same as Uplay account) and then it will take you to the Forward Claims page informing you that you are going to receive free PC copy of Watch Dogs 2 in your Uplay PC library.