Epic Games Store Giveaway : Tacoma

Epic Games store is giving away yet another game for free – this time it is an adventure and mystery game Tacoma that is available for free this week. Tacoma is a game that is definitely going to be loved by the people who love space movies – Space Wars, Star Gate, Star Trek, or The Event Horizon.

In Tacoma, you visit an abandoned space station. While everything looks in perfect condition on this Lunar transfer station, nobody can be found there. What happened, why it happened and under which conditions the inhabitants of the space station abandoned it – are a few questions that you have to answer.

Even though there are no intelligent living organisms on this space station, you are not alone. There is a mysterious artificial intelligence on board that join you for the investigation. Through her help, you can immerse into the daily activities of each member of the six member crew. Their lives intertwine and you feel like you are living their lives through this AI. There is nothing hidden from you and yet there is something that does not make sense.

Tacoma Game

According to the game developers, it should not take more than five hours to finish the game. It is designed to be a non-combat game which means that there are no monsters and enemy soldiers. There are no puzzles to be solved either. You simply have to explore the entire space station and figure out the fate of the space station crew with the help of AI.

As far as the system requirements are considered, it can be run on any gaming PC with modest specifications. You don’t need too much RAM or an impressive graphics card to play this game.

You can claim your free copy of Tacoma game by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/tacoma/home. The giveaway will last until July 30, 2020.