Hide Files, Folders or Drives in Windows with Hide Files for PC

Hide Files for PC is a security tool that can hide your files, folders or drives completely from Windows File Explorer. Files that have been hidden using this tool become inaccessible to any program that uses ordinary methods of accessing files such as File Explorer or some of the other file managers.

Hide Files has an extremely easy-to-use program interface. Using the large icons in its toolbar, you can add files, folders or drives. Then you can select which files, folders or drives you want to hide and then click on the Lock button in the toolbar. It will instantly make the selected items vanish from the File Explorer.

When you want to unhide a previously hidden item, you can follow the exact same process –  select that item from the list and then click on the Unlock button in the toolbar. It takes no time before the selected items reappear in the File Explorer.

Vovsoft Hide Files

When you launch Hide Files for PC, it asks you to set a master password. This password is used to lock or unlock your files. If you lose this password, you won’t be able to unlock previously hidden/locked files. This password can also be modified later on from the program menu by choosing Edit → Change Password.

Vovsoft Hide Files

In addition to securing your files against unwanted access, Hide Files can also be used to create a backup of your registry. For this, you can choose the menu File → Backup Registry. Although it is not clear how you would restore the registry from these registry backup files using Hide Files.

Hide Files for PC claims that it encrypts files using the master password. But it locks and unlocks even multi-gigabyte files in seconds which leads one to believe that it is not fully encrypting the files and perhaps encrypting only small portions of the files.

You can download Hide Files for PC from https://vovsoft.com/software/hide-files/.