MailCheck : Receive New Email Notifications on Desktop

MailCheck is a small utility that notifies you of new email messages as soon as they are received. The notifications appear on your Windows desktop and you can also read the new messages through the MailCheck interface. It uses both POP3 and IMAP protocols to check the new email messages in your email accounts. You can add as many email accounts as you want as long as they can be accessed over POP3/IMAP protocols.

After the installation of MailCheck on your Windows PC, you have to begin with adding your email account information. This can be done by clicking on Create new server in the MailCheck window. It can auto-detect the email server settings on its own, but whenever possible you should contact your email service provider to get the correct settings.


Once you have added one or more email accounts, you can minimize MailCheck and keep it running in the background. As soon as you receive any new messages, it will show a notification in the system area of Windows desktop. You can delete this new email message (not allowed to delete with POP3 protocol), or you can process this message with your default email client (for example, Mozilla Thunderbird).


If you want to view all the email messages in your email account’s inbox, then you can click on Show mails in the MailCheck user interface. This will show you a list of all the email messages from the “inbox” folder of all the email account configured in MailCheck. It does not show any email messages from any other folders like “spam” or “trash”.


We tried MailCheck with GMail account but ran into problem because Google blocked its access. According to Google, MailCheck was using a less secure sign-in method and therefore it was blocked. There is a way to temporarily allow less-secure apps to access Google account, but you should not use this method for long time.

You can download MailCheck from