Nulloy : Small Music Player with Gapless Playback

Nulloy is a portable music player for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is known for its small window and a unique progress bar that shows the audio waveform from the music file currently being played. It also comes with skins that highlight this waveform progress bar using vibrant colors.

Nulloy has a drag-n-drop interface that allows you to drop all of your music files or folders on its window. As soon as you drop your files on its window, the files are added to the playlist. You can also drop playlists created by some other programs like M3U or M3U8 files on its window. The list of music files added to Nulloy window can be saved in M3U format playlist for later use.


Nulloy has a minimal user interface but offers all the desired features – playback controls, shuffle playlist controls (shuffle, loop, repeat, sort ) etc. The volume level bar that is displayed by Nulloy can be adjusted to display the volume level in decibels.

In the preferences of Nulloy, you can choose to display its icon in the system tray when music is being played, hide this system tray icon when music is stopped, use only one instance of the program, display the music progress bar in the Windows taskbar and more.


Nulloy supports many of the popular audio file formats including MP3, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, AIFF, M4A, AAC and more. It supports many of the common playlist formats such as M3U and M3U8. It can be configured to play the music in the gapless mode – when the next track in the playlist starts to play a few microseconds before the previous track ends. It displays album art and metadata in the waveform progress bar itself.


Nulloy is an impressive music player if you are looking for a small program with a minimal user interface. You can drop your music files on its window and leave it alone. This tiny music player will keep playing your music without consuming much of your system resources.

You can download Nulloy from or