AIMP : Lightweight and Feature Rich Music Player for Windows

Ever since Winamp developers closed down their shop, I have been always on the lookout for a really good music player that I can use to listen to my music collection everyday. I have come across so many nicel designed and feature loaded players such as 1by1, Audacious, XMPlay, Dopamine, Quod Libet, Nemp, VUPLayer, Boom Audio Player, QMMS and many many more. You will have to search for music player on this website to find a big list of all the music players that I have tried in the past.

AIMP is another such player that does not consume much of the system resources and yet are able to deliver a rich set of features. It can play all the common audio file formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, and dozens more file formats. Similarly, it has support for all the common playlist types such as M3U, M3U8, ASX, CUE etc. When you install it on Windows, you have the options to associate it with all the audio file formats and set it as the default music player.


AIMP interface is skinnable and it comes with one extra skin. More skins can be downloaded from its website. When using the default skin, the user interface consists of three main sources from where you can play your music files – local folders, cloud storage or podcasts. You have to begin by adding folders or cloud storage before it can enlist the music files. You can search for a file using its filename or its metadata. The player control consists of usual sections – random play, sequential play, shuffle play, equalizer, visualizations etc.

AIMP is one of those few music players that supports ASIO. When ASIO is enabled, you can experience very high quality of sound using the same set of headphones on your Windows PC. Other than ASIO, it can also use DirectSound, WASAPI and WASPI exclusive.

Considering all the features, it can be said that AIMP is a really good replacement for Winamp. If you have been using Winamp so far, you can switch to AIMP without thinking twice. It can even be skinned to look very similar to the classic Winamp.

You can download AIMP from