OggdropXPd : Quickly Convert Audio File Format from WAV to OGG

In the late 90s, highly compressed MP3 audio files became immensely popular because we needed audio files that take smaller storage space and that do not consume too much of the internet bandwidth when being downloaded. Now times have changed, everyday user has now access to really fast internet and with multiple terabytes of hard drives, storage space is no object. Now people are switching to audio file formats that are better in quality despite being a little bit larger in file size such as OGG or FLAC.

If you have recorded your audio in the WAV format and want to convert it into the OGG format, then you can use the open-source tool OggdropXPd. It has been designed to be extremely simple for users of all experience level. When you launch OggdropXPd program, it displays a small window on your screen. You can drag-n-drop your WAV files on this window and it will start the conversion process. The converted OGG file will be placed in the same folder as the original WAV files.


This is not all, it can do the opposite too. If you drag-n-drop OGG files on this window, it will convert them back to the WAV file format. It can both encode and decode the audio files between the WAV and OGG file formats. Nothing can be easier than this.

For those people who want much more control over the conversion process, it provides configuration options for both encoding and decoding. You can right-click on this OggdropXPd window and choose encoder and decoder options, select output folder, select temporary folder, stop the encoding or decoding if needed and more.


OggdropXPd is a really quick way of converting your audio files between the WAV and OGG file formats. It provides a large number of options and gives you full control over the encoding and decoding.

You can download OggdropXPd from https://www.rarewares.org/ogg-oggdropxpd.php.