revoSleep Sends Hard Drives to Sleep in Windows

Newer laptops are now coming with SSD (solid state drives) which makes them a tad faster than the ones that have online a hard drive. But since hard drives are cheaper and have much larger storage capacity, many people attach a hard drive to store all of their files.

In a setup where you have one or more hard drives, you don’t want to keep the hard drives spinning all the time as it leads to power consumption and battery drain. This is where a third-party tool called revoSleep can come handy. This tool can put your hard drives to sleep using a myriad of methods in a manner that Windows cannot automatically wake up – only you can manually wake up the hard drives whenever needed.


revoSleep is a tiny tool with a tiny window. In its small window, you can choose the hard drives that you want to put to sleep. For each of the selected hard drive, you can choose options – sleep, offline, deactivate. If the drive is not being used, it will be put to sleep by revoSleep.

revoSleep also places an icon in the notification area and through this icon you can activate or deactivate various options for the selected hard disk drives. For example, you can right-click on revoSleep icon and choose to put a hard drive to offline or online. You can also view its help window that explains everything about using this small tool.


In addition to the graphical user interface, revoSleep offers a command line interface (CLI) too. You can find all the options available from the CLI using the command revosleep -h. Basically, it allows you to put a hard drive to sleep, make it offline or online, lock or unlock it, or wake up the hard drives.


revoSleep gives you more control over how and when your hard disk drives (HDD) are put to the sleep mode. These hard drives will stay in the sleep mode until you manually wake them up.

You can download revoSleep from