Set Nature Videos as New Tab Background in Chrome with UseDelight

When you open a new tab in the Chrome web browser, it displays a new tab page. What is displayed on this new tab page can be controlled from within Chrome browser settings. There are extensions available on the Chrome web store using which you can set beautiful pictures as the background image for this new tab page.

But what if you want to have videos as the background for the new tab page? A new Chrome extension called UseDelight can be used to view stunning videos of nature, oceans, forests, and more from all over the world as the new tab page background.

Immediately after installing the extension, you can start enjoying the vivid videos in your Chrome web browser. As soon as you open a new tab, Chrome will complain about an extension changing the new tab page settings but you can safely ignore it. It will take a few seconds before you will see an HD video as the background of your new tab page. This video is not very long and keeps looping over and over again.

Chrome UseDelight

According to the developers of the UseDelight extension, they have a huge collection of 1500+ videos of  beautiful oceans, nature landscapes, waterfalls, forests, cities, farms and more when you open a new tab.  The videos also include all types of weathers too – from cool white winter scenes to colorful gardens of the spring season. Everything looks so amazing because of the HD resolution and looping videos.

Chrome UseDelight

If you want to see a new background, all you have to do is close the tab and open a new tab. It will randomly display a new background. This extension also displays many other useful things on the new tab page such as the temperature, weather and forecast information for a number of select cities.

You can get the UseLight extension for Chrome browser from