SystemTrayMenu is Simple and Lightweight Start Menu Alternative

Windows 10 has a really good Start menu that offers more features than in any previous versions of Windows. But this also makes it a little complicated if all you want is to open a program through a shortcut or open a folder. A much better solution is to use an open-source software called SystemTrayMenu.

This software makes everything simpler, easier and faster for everyone. After you launch SystemTrayMenu for the very first time, you are asked for a root folder. This is not the system root folder but the root folder that it will scan for folders, sub-folders and shortcuts.

SystemTrayMenu stays in the system tray of Windows desktop. You can click on this to view the folder and file list starting from the root folder that you had earlier selected. All the folders are shown recursively in a nested configuration. You can explore folders and look for a file or sub-folder in a matter of seconds. It is much faster than using Windows File Explorer.


The best part is that the menu displayed by SystemTrayMenu stays open even if you lose focus of the menu. This is in direct contrast to the Microsoft Start menu that disappears if you accidentally move your mouse cursor away from it. SystemTrayMenu appears to be much more convenient in this manner.

In the settings of SystemTrayMenu, you can select a hotkey using which you can open or display the menu. This is same as clicking on the SystemTrayMenu’s notification area icon or clicking on its taskbar icon. You can also change the root folder to any folder that you would like to displayed as a menu.



SystemTrayMenu is portable and does not require installation. You can use it to have a small portable menu of your own. It resolves links and shortcuts so they are displayed correctly in the displayed menu. It is really a convenient and useful tool to have on your PC.

You can download SystemTrayMenu from