Notesbrowser Free : Take Notes and Set Reminders in Windows

Notesbrowser is a free notes taking and organizer application for Windows. Using this application you can take down notes, manage them and set reminders for important dates. It offers a single window interface for everything from writing notes, planning events in your calendar or setting reminders for important tasks. Notesbrowser is available in many variations – Pro, Free, Lite and Editor. Notesbrowser Pro is a paid commercial full version of the software, while the others are free and feature removed lightweight versions.

Notesbrowser has a very unusual user interface which might take a little time for getting familiar with. There is a big toolbar on the top with all the actions such as calendar management or reminders. The same can be accessed from the menubar.

Then there are categories on the right side of Notesbrowser window which look like the speed dial buttons of old-fashioned landline phones. When you create a new note, you have to assign a category to it.  These categories can be selected using the “speed-dial-buttons” interface to quickly access all the notes belonging to that category.


As far as notes are concerned, Notesbrowser offers a full featured editor. You can use it like any other standard text editor for creating or editing notes. You can even embed pictures in your notes very easily. All the notes are saved in a database. Before exiting the Notesbrowser software, you have to save this database in order to save all the changes.

Notesbrowser may take some time to learn, but then it offers tutorials that take you to each and every feature of this software. You can change the appearance of Notesbrowser using a number of skins that are available. Similarly, you can add new features or functions using plugins available for download.

You can download Notesbrowser Free from