Type with Full Set of Emojis in Chrome with Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels

On a smartphone, whether Android based or iPhone, it is so easy to install a new keyboard and get tons of new features. There are hundreds of keyboards available for your smartphones and each of them offers unique features including emojis. This is why it is so easy to add emojis to your messages, posts and tweets when on your smartphone.

But the situation is not the same on a desktop computer – now we have to resort to copy-pasting emojis from a webpage to your messages which could be a tad annoying. Windows 10 does provide emoji insertion tool that can be invoked using Win + . but it does not contain very many emojis.

If you are a Chrome user, you can use JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard to have access to a full and complete set of emojis. It comes with hundreds of emojis and offers easy insertion into any webpage, message, post etc.

JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard for Chrome

Once this extension is installed in Chrome, you can access it either by clicking on its icon in the toolbar or by using the hotkey Alt+Shift+E. In the keyboard, you can search for the emojis, browse them by scrolling down, or skip to a section by clicking on various categories like smileys, people, objects, food, activity, travel, flags, etc.

In the settings of JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard , you can toggle features like auto-copy, auto-insert, change panel size and icons displayed inside it, change panel style from docked or undocked, and you can also change the hotkey used to bring up the emoji keyboard.

JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard for Chrome

JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard is a really useful and productive extension for all the Chrome users. It is specially useful for people who use desktop Chrome browser for online communication web apps like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, etc. You can also use it when composing a new email message and embellish your messages with all kinds of crazy emojis.

You can get JoyPixels Emoji Keyboard for Chrome web browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/emoji-keyboard-by-joypixe/ipdjnhgkpapgippgcgkfcbpdpcgifncb/.