Batch Change EXIF Date of JPEG Pictures with Photo Date Changer

Some picture file types such as JPEG may contain metadata that can provide some useful information about that file. Usually this metadata is automatically added by the digital camera or smartphone that you have used to snap that picture, but it can also be added manually through various picture viewers or editors such as IrfanView.

In case of JPEG images, EXIF metadata is used which may hold information such as latitude/longitude coordinates, camera model uses, time and date of taking the picture, camera settings  used and more. If you want to edit the date in the JPEG images yourself, then you use Photo Date Changer. It can add, edit or overwrite the date and time inside the EXIF metadata in multiple JPEG images instantly.

Photo Date Changer has a single window interface. You can start by adding the JPEG files or folders containing the JPEG images that you want to work with. You can add one or more files at the same time. In the settings of the program, you can choose to process the added files, added folders and whether to go through any sub-folders of the added folders.

Photo Date Changer

Next thing that you have to do is select one of the actions from the drop-down list. From the available actions, you can choose – set EXIF date timestamp, copy RAW/EXIF timestamp to file date, copy file date to JPEG EXIF timestamp, adjust JPEG EXIF timestamp. Depending on the actions, you have to choose the date/time to be set, or modify the the existing date/time. You can click on the Perform Changes button to start the batch process of adding or modifying the EXIF metadata information regarding date and time.

While Photo Date Changer does work without any problem, it shows a nag every time you start which could be annoying after some time. If you can deal with command line interface, a much better tool for batch editing EXIF (including timestamp and more) would be ExifTool.

You can download Photo Date Changer from