Use Windows XP Paint in Web Browser

We have seen how so many older operating systems are now available to be used inside a web browser. This includes Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. Of course, all of these unofficial implementation or simulations of the Microsoft’s popular Windows operating system. The older version of Windows can run inside modern web browsers without any problem. And now someone has created a web version of the Microsoft Paint program from Windows XP. It looks exactly like the one that came shipped with Windows XP but adds some new features as well.

We are all familiar with Microsoft Paint, so there is nothing much to be said about this simple paint program. But we can tell you how it is different from the original Windows XP version. In this web version, you can open any image file type supported by the browser for example PNG, JPEG or GIF while the old Paint could open only BMP images. In the web version, you can save images only as PNG file types as opposed to the old Paint where files could be saved as BMP images too.

MS Paint in Web Browser

In the web version of Paint, you will find a new “Pride Color Palette” that shows some interesting set of colors. You can also pick and choose your own colors and then save them in form of a file on your local storage. Later you can load the color palette from these files. The colors are saved in a JSON file on your hard drive. Inside this JSON file, you will find all the colors of the palette with their HTML color codes, for example, red is saved as #ff0000 and blue is saved as #0000ff. You can manually edit this JSON file and add your own colors if you like.

MS Paint in Web Browser

Another feature of the web version of Paint is that it can display a list of all of your actions from under the “History” menu. This is a feature you would find in popular graphics editors lie GIMP or You can also view all of the actions you have taken in form of a GIF animation.

You can start using Paint in your web browser by visiting