Change Stereo/Mono Sound in Chrome Browser with “Left Right Sound Select”

There are so many videos available on video sites like Dailymotion that feature dual language audio. When you play these videos, the sound is played in two languages – one is the original language of the video and the second sound if from the dubbed language. For example, there is Spoorloos trailer (a Dutch movie’s trailer) that plays the original sound in Dutch along with the English dubbed sound. The Dutch sound comes from the left speaker and the English sound from the right speaker when you are using headphones or earphones.

If you do not want to hear all the sounds coming on the headphones and want to just hear the mono sound only meant for the left speaker or the right speaker, then you can use an extension called “Left Right Sound Select” for the Chrome web browser. Using this extension, you can easily switch between the left or the right stream for any video or audio being played in your browser.

Left Right Sound Select in Chrome Browser

After the installation as you watch a video or play audio stream in your Chrome web browser, you will see an speaker like icon in the Chrome toolbar. Clicking on this speaker icon, you can choose whether to allow both left or right (stereo mode) or just one of the left or the right stream (mono mode).

What it does by blocking or allowing one of the audio streams depends entirely on the video. For some videos, it can isolate the languages if that audio has multiple languages, for others it can block some musical instruments, or it can block the commentary about the video. It is always a fun thing to find out which parts of the audio it is going to block for a video.

You can get “Left Right Sound Select” extension for Chrome browser from