How to Copy Chrome Installation from one PC to Another

If you have already installed Chrome web browser in one PC, then there is no need to download Chrome once again from the internet for installation on another PC. The installer is located in the installation folder of Chrome and can be used for offline installation in other Windows computers.

This installer is exactly the same as the one downloaded from the internet and silently installs Chrome web browser without asking you any options. This is great for quick installation of Chrome on a number of computers connected to a local area network.

This is how you can copy the offline installer from any Windows PC on which Chrome browser is already installed:

  1. Right-click on the Chrome browser shortcut on the Windows PC desktop and select Open file location from there. This will open the folder where Chrome web browser has been installed on your PC.Chrome Copy Installation
  2. In the Chrome installation folder, you will find a version folder (at this moment 84.0.4147.125) – the name of this folder will change depending on the version of Chrome installed. Inside this version folder is a sub-folder called Installer. Copy this folder to a portable pen drive, it contains all the installer files you need.Chrome Copy Installation
  3. Attach this pen drive to any other Windows PC where you want to install Chrome browser. Run setup.exe from inside this Installer folder. In seconds, you will have installed Chrome browser on that PC without having to download anything.Chrome Copy Installation

This is also a fine way to backup the installer of current version of Chrome web browser for later use. The only thing that you have to worry about is the architecture of the destination computers have to be the same as the source folder. You can also put this installer on a network drive for remote installation of Chrome on any network connected computers.