Epic Games Store Giveaway : “3 out of 10 – Episode 1”

We all love watching sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld every now and then. And we also enjoy playing games as much as we love watching those sitcoms. The people at the Terrible Posture Games combined the two and came up with a new game called 3 out of 10. The first episode of this funny game is being given away for free by Epic Games Store.

3 out of 10 is a different type of game. It is world’s first game of its kind. It is actually a sitcom TV show – only it is available in a playable game for you. You can take part in the sitcom behind the camera and help make it better.

Since it is a combo of a sitcom and a game, you can both watch it and play it. The sitcom can be replayed as many times as you want.  The sitcom is based on a game development company that is trying hard to make a really good game. So far their game is rated 3 out of 10, but they want their ratings to improve. They are hard on their luck and hoping for some new ray of hope.

Welcome to Shovelworks

The developers want you to first watch the episode and then sneak behind the scenes on the studios to experience the funny life of all those game developers who are trying to go through their everyday life at the “Will Shovelworks Studios”. May be you can make some changes to make it even funnier. This is where you will find many games that you can play and enjoy your interaction with the employees of this game studios.

You can claim your free copy of 3 out of 10 : Episode 1, “Welcome To Shovelworks” by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/3-out-of-10-ep-1/home. The giveaway will last only for the week so hurry up and add it to your games library.