Create HTML Photo Gallery Easily with Extreme Thumbnail Generator

Back in the early days of the world wide web, lots of people used to have personal webpages and they called it their home on the internet. This was before all the social networking sites gained so much popularity. Now people just use Instagram if they want to share their pictures. But if you are a professional photographer, you still have to do the things the old way and have your own website with an HTML photo gallery of all of your pictures.

If you are planning to have an HTML photo gallery or album of your pictures on your website, then perhaps you will find the Extreme Thumbnail Gallery very useful. This small software is able to take your pictures and automatically generate a beautiful HTML gallery that works in all the modern web browsers. Of course, you can choose the various parameters for the HTML gallery.

After launching Extreme Thumbnail Gallery, you can drag-n-drop all of your image files on its window. The software has a wizard like interface that takes you from one step to another and guides through all the options. The next step is to choose various options for the gallery generation – gallery title and one of the templates.

Extreme Thumbnail Generator

Under the “options” you can choose a large number of the parameters for the HTML gallery generation. You can choose options for the thumbnails, thumbnail pages, images, image pages, metadata and the folders where the thumbnails and other files are kept.

In the final step, you can generate the full HTML gallery and place it the specified output folder. You can create a ZIP file containing the entire HTML gallery. You can even upload the whole gallery to your website using the FTP protocol. You can save the settings to a template for using them again and again.

You can download Extreme Thumbnail Gallery from