Fopnu : P2P File Sharing Software for Windows and Linux

Fopnu is a new, fast and powerful file sharing software. Unlike some other P2P software that have been around for many years, Fopnu does not depend on any runtime frameworks like Microsoft .NET or Oracle Java. It is designed using C++ and runs really fast working and lightweight on the system resources in both Windows and Linux. There is a portable version of Fopnu also available that you can run from your portable hard drives.

When started Fopnu asks you to create a temporary user account. It suggests a guest username which will be used only in a single session. You are also asked to choose a download folder, UDP port, whether to use UPNP to forward the port to the router, and set a bandwidth throttle limit for both incoming and outgoing traffic.


Fopnu interface displays the network status, library, chat, search, transfers and bandwidth usage all in different tabs. Under the “Network” status you can find the the online status of Fopnu (whether it is connected to the P2P network or not) and the various online activities such as incoming and outgoing traffic and peers connected.

If you want to find a file on the network, then it is searchable from under the “Search” tab. Here you can find files belonging to different categories such as videos, audio, text etc. Any files that you download will be placed in the download folder that you configured when you launched Fopnu. The transfer stats of the downloads and uploads are available from under the “Transfers” tab.


Fopnu is certainly a refreshing experience in the P2P file sharing world. However, you should be careful when sharing files online as it can lead to malware or harmful downloads and you can easily become target of hack attacks.

You can download Fopnu from