Track Project Working Time with Clockify Web App

Clockify is a time tracking web app that makes life easy for the professionals who are working from home or for companies that track the work time of their employees. It comes as both a desktop application and a web app. It depends on the user or the companies what setup that use – if they prefer the convenience of the web app, the ease of the desktop application or both. It is ideal for small to large scale companies but individuals can also use it to manage their work time.

Clockify has a time tracker for your projects. Starting a timer for your projects or tasks is very easy – you have to add a project name, tags, whether it is a billable project, and then click on the “Start” button. You can create multiple timers for multiple projects, people, or teams of people working for various projects.


You can see the progress of various projects and see everything under the Clockify dashboard. You will see all the timers, the total time spent on a project and the actual time when the project was active. You can also start or stop a timer for any project from here.

Under the teams section, you can add various people who are going to work on a project. You can assign these users for one or more projects. Members can be added to groups so that they can be managed in an easier manner. Similarly the projects can be managed and reports about various reports can be generated.

Clockify is free for everyone but you will get many more features by upgrading to subscription. There are three plans available – Plus, Premium and Enterprise that cater to the various needs of small, medium or large sized companies.

You can start using Clockify by visiting