Free Folder Protector : Password Protect Files, Folders and Drives

Free Folder Protector is a security tool for hiding or protecting your files, folders and drives. The files or folders that are hidden completely disappear from the file system as if they never existed. These hidden items can be accessed only when you have unhidden them once again through Free Folder Protector. The same tool also has many other features like locking files, encrypting files and shredding files.

After installing Free Folder Protector, you have to restart Windows and then add a password along with your email address. In the free version of Free Folder Protector, you are allowed only one hard-coded password 123456 which is obviously only for testing the software as such a weak password can be cracked by even fifth graders. You are asked to add your email address so that you can recover your password in case you forget it.

Free File Protector

In order to start locking or hiding files or folders in Free Folder Protector, all you have to do is drag-n-drop files or folders on to its window when the “Hiding file” or “Locking file” is selected in the left side. Other tools include encryption of the files and folders and monitoring a folder for changes.

The file shredder tool can securely delete your files so that these deleted files can never be recovered even by professionals. It can also be used to wipe the entire drives which is useful when you have to give away your old computer or sell it over eBay.

Free File Protector

Free Folder Protector is a great security software for people who work on shared computers, they can protect their personal files from being accessed by other people. It comes with many different tools such as file shredder that complement the file protection, locking and hiding features.

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