Epic Games Store Giveaway : Hitman

Hitman is a game that everyone already knows about. It is a stealth action game where you play an assassin known only as Agent 47. He is not an ordinary person but someone who was genetically enhanced to become a very dangerous and successful assassin. While playing as Agent 47, you will be traveling to many foreign cities and getting contracts from many different people. Based on the contract details, you will have to follow the instructions to carry out the various tasks.

The game reminds of the James Bond – 007 movies. You do not jump at the targets with guns blazing, but you silently appear behind them to take them down. While playing Hitman you have to learn all these tricks. For example, you may want to notice the surroundings, find one or more ways to escape the crime scene, find some information by listening to the conversation of people talking to each other, and try not to expose yourself. The ultimate goal of the game to transform Agent 47 into a silent and invisible killer – he should not be seen or heard by anyone and he should still be able to do the job and escape.

Hitman Game

Epic Games store is now giving away this game for free. In the giveaway, you will get the standard version of Hitman game that was released in 2016. The giveaway version will work on Windows PC and requires some basic system specs. Any decent computer that you purchased in the last couple of years will be able to run Hitman with minimum level of details. If you want to upgrade to the GOTY edition (game of the year edition) of Hitman, then you have to spend only USD 6.49 only.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/hitman/standard-edition to claim your free copy of Hitman. The giveaway will last until September 3rd, 2020.