JPEG Autorotate : Lossless Image Rotation App for Windows

JPEG Autorotate makes it very easy to rotate your images to the correct orientation. You do not have to open any big image editor and rotate the images from there. You can just right-click on your image files and choose to auto-rotate the images from the convenience of the File Explorer. All of the rotation is done without any loss in the image quality.

After the installation of JPEG Autorotate on your Windows PC, you can immediately start using it. You can find a new context-menu item when you right-click on the JPEG image files. It woks with JPEG image files with extensions JPG and JPEG. You can use it on a single JPEG image file or a group of JPEG image files.

JPEG Autorotate

JPEG Autorotate works very well with images that have EXIF metadata inside them. Digital cameras often save this metdata inside the JPEG images. So if you have a digital camera, you can use JPEG Autorotate to automatically rotate those pictures to the correct orientation. JPEG Autorotate will read the EXIF content and rotate the images either in the landscape or portrait orientation accordingly.

JPEG Autorotate

There are many options that are available through JPEG Autorotate interface. First of all if there is no EXIF data found, then you have the options to manually rotate the pictures to the left or to the right. Secondly, you can make it work with pictures that have some non-standard EXIF data. Then there is a very useful option for watching a folder. By watching a folder, it auto-rotates the images that you copy to a folder. This feature is great if you copy all of your digital camera pictures to the same folder. You can also make it retain the original timestamp so that the pictures don’t lose the modification time set for them.

You can download JPEG Autorotate from