TouchZoomDesktop : Zoom In or Out by Keyboard, Wheel, or Pinch

These days notebook computers are selling like hot cakes. The reason is very simple – all of the schools are closed because of the lockdowns and students are being given instructions over online apps like Zoom. I also bought one for my niece who is going to use it for her online classes. When buying the laptop, the saleslady told me that the computer comes pre-installed with video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype.

When using laptops with their touch screens sometimes websites and ebooks appear very small and you cannot read the text. This is when you have to zoom in and view the pictures or texts a bit larger. The touch screen makes it very easy. If you have a Windows based laptop with touchscreen, you can benefit from TouchZoomDesktop. This small application allows you to zoom in or out by three methods – keyboard, mouse wheel or pinching.

Touch Zoom Desktop

After installing it on your Windows computer, you can toggle the method that you are going to use for zooming. You can right-click on its notification area icon and then select whether keyboard zoom, pinch zoom or mouse zoom is to be used. You can enable one or all of them as desired.

The program comes with a large number of settings that allow you to set the hotkeys for keyboard zooming, mouse wheeling and pinching. When zooming, you can also make it use anti-aliasing so that everything on your screen appears smoother and has no flicker on the screen. There are also options to enable the zooming options at Windows logon.

Touch Zoom Desktop

Conclusion: If you have a touchscreen computer running on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, then you can zoom-in any application using the TouchZoomDesktop. It offers multiple ways of zooming in and out for your Windows desktop PC.

You can download TouchZoomDesktop from