Kalmuri : Lightweight Screen Capture & Recording Tool for Windows

Kalmuri is small and lightweight screen capture and recording tool for Windows computers. It can capture the entire screen or a part of the screen and save it in many different image formats. It can also record the screen into MP4 videos. The program is very easy to use compared to some other similar programs because it uses just one hotkey for all the screen capture actions.

When launched Kalmuri shows up as a small window from where you can choose what you want to capture and how you want to save it. You can capture the entire screen, a region of the screen, the active window, window controls, web browser, or the color picker. Similarly, you can save the screen capture s PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, or MP4. You can also choose to send the screen capture to Imgbox (image sharing website), to clipboard, or send it to an available printer for printing.


By default, Kalmuri uses the PrintScreen key on your keyboard for capturing your screen. But you can easily assign a different hotkey to Kalmuri. From Kalmuri settings, you can define a new hotkey that may include Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and one of the alphanumeric or function keys.


Kalmuri stays in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can choose many more settings. For example, you can choose whether mouse cursor has to be included in the screen capture, which of the sound sources are to be used when recording the screen into an MP4 video, whether the sound has to be included when recording the video, the filename patterns to be used, hotkey configuration and the folder for saving the screen captures.


Kalmuri is a small and fast screen capture application. It has a almost no impact on the system resources and still manages to produce very high quality screen captures and high resolution video recordings.

You can download Kalmuri from https://global.kilho.net/kalmuri/.