Password Tech : Generate and Store Strong Passwords Easily

Password Tech is a portable program for generating very very strong passwords and passphrases. While other password generators use a random number generator based on the local system time, Password Tech uses system entropy state based on indeterminable and unrepeatable state of things such as mouse clicks, pointer movements, keystrokes and more. This makes is virtually impossible to generate the same password by artificially replicating the system environment.

Password Tech has a user interface where everything is available from a single window. From here you can choose various password parameters such as character set and the length. You can also choose to generate the passphrases using a word list file. There are many ready-made word list files available online that can be used. For example, you can get very large plain-text files from

You can also choose a format for the password being generated, include your own words in it, and finally click on the Generate button to quickly generate the password. This will generate a single password that can be copied to the clipboard or saved to a file. The strength of the password is displayed using a colored bar.

Password Tech

Password Tech also allows you to generate a large number of passwords in one go. In fact, this is the method that I personally use. You can generate 100 or 200 passwords at once and then you can choose one that is easy to remember and easy to type. You can save the entire list of generated passwords straight to a file for later use.

After you are done generating all of your passwords, you must clear the clipboard to erase all the passwords from the RAM. This is done in order to prevent any malicious apps from scavenging the memory for any passwords or pass-phrases. Password Tech offers some tools to instantly clear the passwords from the memory.

Password Tech offers to save all of your generated passwords into a secure database that is saved on your local storage. This database is password protected and can only be accessed through Password Tech interface.

You can download Password Tech from