Manage Auto-run Programs and Services with Chameleon Startup Manager

When you start your Windows PC, it loads many system processes before you see that beautiful Desktop screen. Some of these programs that are run automatically by the operating system are necessary processes required by the system, but others are there set by third-party software. For example, when you install an antivirus software on your PC, it sets many programs and services to be auto-run at Windows startup.

Using a free software called Chameleon Startup Manager, you can not only view these auto-running programs on your Windows PC but you can also manage them. It allows you to disable or enable these auto-run programs. It also allows you to delay load some of the programs so that not all the programs try to run at the same time and Windows desktop loads faster.

Chameleon Startup Manager

In its modern user interface, you can view a list of all of the auto-run entries. The list includes name, description, path and the startup impact of each of the items. The startup impact is the number of seconds that it takes to run that process. You can make Windows start faster by either disabling an item that is taking very long or making it launch after some delay.

Chameleon Startup Manager comes with a delay wizard that can take you from one step to another and adds delay to the launch of any of the items. You can also drag any program and drop it on a timeline to add any delay from 1 second or more. When adding a new startup item, you can also choose a delay time for that new program.

Chameleon Startup Manager

Conclusion: Chameleon Startup Manager is an advanced software for management of auto-running programs, services and other processes in Windows. You can add, remove, enable, disable and delay load all of your startup items using it.

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