Watch Any Video in 3D Using Open-Source sView

If you have downloaded a 3D video from the internet and are having a hard time watching it even with your 3D stereoscopic glasses, then perhaps you need a special video player called sView. It is 3D video player that can play all sorts of 3D videos on your Windows PC. In addition, it can also be used to view 3D images and play music.

During the installation process, you can associate video files with sView so that you can just double-click on your video files and play them in sView. If you have a real 3D video, then sView will play it as usual. But if you do not have an actual 3D video even then sView can simulate it into a 3D video by creating two streams from the original video.

The program comes with a tons of options and features – perhaps more than an average person can use or understand. You can choose the source video’s stereoscopic format from anaglyphc, interlaced, R/L, L/R, cross-eyes, parallel-pair and more formats. You can also choose what kind of 3D glasses you are using to best match the video playback – anaglyph glasses, dual output, mirror output, shutter glasses, openVR head mounted display and more.

sView 3D Movie Player

We tried very cheap red-cyan glasses that we bought from Amazon. They worked pretty good and sView played a simple mono video in 3D format. We had even better experience when viewing some of 3D JPEG images using sView. The program makes use of the graphics card and won’t work if your GPU does not support OpenGL or it has been disabled in the settings.

Conclusion: sView is an open-source viewer that can be used to view 3D images, watch 3D videos and play audio files. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The only requirement it has is an OpenGL ready graphics card.

You can download sView from